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Alterations & Returns

We always strive for the best fit possible for you. So it’s no wonder we have an alteration policy for you to achieve that.

All of our garments are hand-made, though not always by the same tailor. As such, some garments can tend to take on the personality of that tailor. With this in mind, you can always get your garment altered and we will cover up to $75 of the cost. Just send us a copy of the receipt, order number, and the alterations needed to and we will reimburse you that amount. If the alterations needed are quoted to be more expensive, let us know. We'll remake it.

However, if you chose to deliver your order to an authorized Trio Tailoring partner, return it to them and they will alter it for free.

Since those alterations will be saved in our database, future orders should fit better upon delivery without alteration.


Our return policy is plain and simple. Don’t like it? Let us know and send it back to us for a full refund.

However, please understand that the main reason our garments are returned is fit. We do have an alteration rebate program for just this reason. Striving for the absolute best fit has and always will be our objective.

Fine Print

  • 1. Customer must inform TRIO within 24 hours of payment in order to cancel, hold, or make adjustments to an order which has been placed. TRIO is unable to make changes to an order past this time and a 30% processing fee is applied to all canceled orders once the 24 hour window has passed.
  • 2. Orders will not be processed until full payment (100%) is received.
  • 3. Full refund is only granted during the final fitting. Once the customer leaves the final fitting with their order only a store credit, further alterations, or remake options are permissible. Customer must return all items purchased to receive in-store credit. Items kept will be charged at full value. For when the customer waives the final fitting to have their order delivered by mail or through a partner, the customer has 7 days upon receipt to return the order. The customer may choose to return the order in person or by mail, however TRIO is not responsible for return shipping costs.
  • 4. When TRIO determines alterations are possible, the customer must allow TRIO to proceed with at least one round of alterations before a full refund is granted.
  • 5. TRIO's full satisfaction or money back guarantee is not applicable for remote orders i.e. customers not personally measured by TRIO or TRIO certified Partners. For remote orders, all sales are final.
  • 6. At any time, TRIO retains the right to refuse service, the making, remaking, or alterations of a garment, and offer a refund instead.
  • 7. All TRIO garments include 2 (two) rounds of alterations at no cost to the customer. After those 2 rounds have been completed, TRIO reserves the right to charge the customer market rate for the alterations. Payment received for such alterations will yield a credit of the same amount that can be used towards future TRIO orders. Furthermore, TRIO agrees to only perform alterations in increments of 1/2 (half) an inch. TRIO reserves the right to refuse alterations of less than 1/2 (half) an inch; the customer may be billed for such alterations at market rate.
  • 8. It is the responsibility of the customer to fully communicate at the placement of the order dates of special events or deadlines for garments. TRIO is unable to adjust delivery time once an order is processed and will not offer a full refund for this matter. Customers who require rush service may be charged an extra $50 per order.
  • 9. The advertised three to four week timeline only estimates delivery of the order to TRIO's showroom or partner location for the initial fitting from the date of payment - this does not guarantee fit, or whether alterations or remakes will be needed. The entire process may take up to six weeks or longer to deliver the finished order. Therefore, it is important to allow time for the custom process. TRIO makes no guarantees and holds no responsibility for meeting any deadline.
  • 10. Customers with items requiring reimbursement for alterations must submit a legible receipt indicating tailor's information and alteration costs within 14 days of receiving the garment from tailor. TRIO will reimburse alterations fees up to $55 per jacket, $20 per pant, $10 per shirt, and $15 per vest. If a garment is part of a suit, the maximum reimbursement for a 2pc suit is $75, and $90 for 3 pieces.
  • 11. TRIO is not responsible for orders left over 60 days after first notification that the order is ready for initial fitting. After 60 days, TRIO reserves the right to process payment and ship order(s) to the address in the customer profile.
  • 12. All TRIO garments include a 90 (ninety) day limited warranty, starting from the date of initial delivery, that covers any defects in materials or workmanship. Garments may be brought into any TRIO location for warranty service . The warranty does not cover defects that arise from accident, improper care or cleaning, negligence, normal wear and tear, or natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. If a garment falls within this warranty period TRIO will repair or replace without charge at our discretion. Coverage terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer the garment. TRIO retains the right, however, to charge the customer for shipping costs. Please contact Trio Tailoring, LLC at 349 14th Street, Atlanta, GA 30318 or (800) 299-1982 for more information.
  • 13. TRIO reserves the right to change pricing at any time. TRIO also reserves the right to increase pricing for individual orders based on sizing, like for big, tall, and portly clients.