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Loyalty Program

About TRIO Loyalty

By joining our Loyalty program for $60.00 per month, you gain access to great perks:

  • You get 60+bonus credits each month -- buy anything with them. 1 credit = $1 USD.
  • Spend the credits immediately or let them add up. They do not expire.
  • Every dollar spent at TRIO (including the $60 monthly fee) earns bonus credits.
  • You start at 10% bonus credits, then graduate by 2% every 2 months to a max of 20% bonus credits after 10 months.
  • For example, for the first 2 months you'll receive 66 credits each month. The next two months you'll receive 67.2 credits each month. After those first 4 months, you'll have a balance of 266.40 credits to spend on anything.

  • Free white dress shirt just for signing up, shipped automatically in 2 months.
  • Cancel at anytime -- no contract -- and keep your credits! However, if you cancel, your bonus level % will reset to 10%.

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