PHP Version 5.6.40 TRIO Clothiers: Gift Shirt Program

As a current TRIO customer, when you purchase your next custom shirt, we'll let you gift a shirt for FREE to a friend who has never had the TRIO experience. Plus, when that person claims the FREE shirt, we'll credit you with a free accessory as a Thank You for sharing the TRIO experience. No limit on the number of shirts, however, one free shirt per recipient and recipient cannot be an existing TRIO client.

Give a Shirt to a Friend

Give your friend or family a gift they'll love.

It's not just the shirt - it's also the experience.


or enter any two of the three criteria:

Receive a Free Shirt

Did you receive a text message or facebook
message about a friend gifting you a shirt?


Schedule an Appointment

... where you will browse fabrics, design your shirt, and get measured. Bring your phone to the consultation for us to verify your gift.

There is no cost to you.