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About TRIO

Since inception in early 2011, TRIO Custom Clothiers has been crafting hand tailored garments that make the average American man look absolutely extraordinary by highlighting his personal style while also delivering on three key elements: customer service, convenience, and the most competitive pricing achievable.

Our motivation stems from personal experiences in men’s fashion and a passion for creating quality garments that add to the foundation and candor of a man’s individuality. The core of our business has been built on three experienced and aggressively minded individuals from various backgrounds leading different success stories.

Customer Service

Our product is more than the sum of the parts; the fabric, construction, and selection of features all contribute to the overall design philosophy embodied in each garment. Be it bold and brave, or timeless and conservative, our garments become enlivened by the personality of our clients. The comprehensive design approach provides a totalizing experience that adds to any wardrobe. Clients are assisted by our in store sales associates that excel at listening and also educating clients about features and fashion. For many of our clients, it is their first time participating in the custom tailoring experience. With our expertise, patience, and drive for customer satisfaction, we find the right balance between expressive and functional fashion. Our clients delight in the nature of our streamlined shopping experience and our full satisfaction guarantee — simple, elegant, and trustworthy.


TRIO was started for men with men’s thoughts on shopping in mind. After an in store consultation, a client profile is created with measurements and personal style preferences. Clients are welcome to browse our wide variety of fabrics and save certain looks for future purchases; so they are able to build their wardrobe remotely with ease by contacting us via e-mail, phone, or internet. In addition, garments may be delivered to the client’s personal tailor or dry cleaner. As an added convenience, the first round of alterations and steaming are complimentary. Any alterations to the garments are noted and the client profile is revised to reflect these changes. The streamlined process provides the client with a seamless approach for upgrading attire with ease.

Quality Fashion at Competitive Pricing

Quality has never been sacrificed in the name of cost, and increases in cost have always been justified by higher procurement costs to fashion the garment (for example when upgrading fabric or transitioning between a half to full canvas jacket). At TRIO, we keep overhead low, and eliminate the middlemen, to lower our cost and provide lasting quality garments that fit within our client’s budget.

TRIO Founders

Mike Hu

Background: Business Strategy and Market Development

Ben McMillan

Chief Operating and Technology Officer
Background: Technology and Operational Implementation