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How It Works

Schedule Appointment

Appointments are given priority over walk-ins, so please schedule an appointment online or by calling us to avoid a possibly lengthy wait.

5 Minutes

Measuring & Sizing

We'll ask you questions about fit and sizing, take more than a dozen body measurements, and you'll possibly try on sample garments.

15 Minutes

Fabric Selection

You can choose from scores of suiting, shirting, jean, khaki, tie, coat, and lining fabrics. We'll help you coordinate, so don't worry.

15 Minutes

Style Selection

You can choose from many different types of collars, lapels, cuffs, pleats, vents, plackets, pockets, and more. Again, we'll help you!

5 Minutes


We require 100% payment up-front, but our pricing includes alterations and is refundable. See our policies, linked below, for more info.

1 Day

Order Processing

We will check over the order for errors, use our proprietary algorithms to determine all factors of the design, and submit to our master tailor.

1-2 Weeks

Garment Construction

Our well-experienced tailors chalk the pattern, cut the fabric, sew everything together, perform QA, and iron and fold before shipment.

1-2 Days

Shipping to USA

Our orders are shipped by plane, with packages arriving almost daily.

Waiting for Appointment

Local Inventory

We process the incoming packages, tag each garment with order info, perform more QA checks, steam, and hang garments to be fitted.

15 Minutes

First Fitting

After scheduling an appointment, you come in to try everything on for the first time. We determine what alterations are needed, if any.

Optional: 1-4 Days, or 2 Weeks


Usually alterations are performed in just a few days by our local tailors. Sometimes, though, we have our factory do them instead.

15 Minutes

Final Fitting

After alterations are completed, you schedule another appointment to come in to make sure the alterated garments fit well.

Take It Home & Enjoy

Wear your garments proudly. You'll look great!